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یکشنبه 25 مرداد 1394 ساعت 17:08

Open letter from Sarveno to Iranian expatriates who have worked in major global management consulting companies.  Looking for ways to collaborate and get involved in professional service offerings for clients in Iran:

Accenture Iran

PWC Iran


McKinsey Iran

IBM Iran

Deloitte Iran

E&Y Iran

more information can also be found about Sarveno's application

Over the last few years, at Sarveno, we have been helping clients to take the steps to address their CRM challenges and be able to deliver a differentiated customer experience. We have been doing this through providing pragmatic, profitable and sustainable solutions which were learned while I was a Senior Manager in CRM practice at Accenture. We have taken a leading role in Iran by establishing a truly professional services company and offer services similar to what clients in US and Europe have experienced through leading global consulting based firms.

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